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Class and spontaneous brightness are the characteristics that distinguish Nebbiolo Ochetti. An ancient wine originally hailing from the vineyards of the Roero zone (sandy hills situated on the left side of the Tanaro River) and already well known and appreciated in the cellars of the House of Savoy starting from the 16 Hundreds, and in part also originate from some of our vineyards in the hills of the Langhe district. The style always remains faithful to its origins: elegance, a fragrance of small red fruits, smooth tannins, a great expression of Nebbiolo in a splendid version of drinkability and harmony.

Variety: 100% Nebbiolo

Grapes handpicked in the month of October, de-stemmed and pressed. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in temperature controlled stainless steel containers. Contact with the skins lasts approximately ten days and the malolactic fermentation takes place in steel containers.

The historical “soldier” label was created by Renato Ratti to recall the heroism of the Piedmontese regiments in the XVIII Century.

The Albeisa – from the name of the city of Alba – it is the iconic bottle created by Renato Ratti in 1973, desired as a way of identifying the uniqueness of a territory and its wines.

A pale ruby red color. Fine, delicate and persistent fragrance with trace scents that bring to mind forest strawberries and raspberries. Pleasantly bitter taste, velvety, at once light and full. A wine well suited to red meats on the spit and grilled, game, truffled fondue, agnolotti, Italian gourmet dishes of white and red meats, also with spiced sauces.