15 02 2022 / Insights

The History of the Soldier wine label

A feature of Ratti wine labels since many years.
The soldiers stand out in all their beauty and glory in the illustrations made by Professor Mosca along with other graphic designers.

They have become icons in the wine world: the collection of model soldiers has been gracing Ratti labels for more than forty years.

The inspiration is clear: they are in memory of the heroism of Piedmontese regiments that rushed to defend of the Langhe and Monferrato districts between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century.

Historical research, Renato Ratti’s deep passion, was paramount in definimg this representation. Deep knowledge and collaboration with an expert of Napoleonic period’s military history, Professor Edoardo Mosca, contributed to the identity and selection of these illustrations.

Earlier phases of the labels also included, alongside depictions of the soldiers in their uniforms, a reference to the battles that witnessed the presence of these men, wearing these very uniforms, as well as the year and location of these relevant military clashes.

Over the years, however, we decided to reduce the elements present in the illustrations in favor of giving greater visibility to the depicted soldier.

In the Renato Ratti Museum OF BAROLO and Alba wines, it is possible to see several historical bottles of this line. One can notice the evolution of the labels and the transition from a richer format to a more essential one.

The story of the Ratti wine soldiers starts by identifying the various wines while at the same time highlighting their strong bond with the history of their territory. Carrying on this tradition is a gesture that unites memory and pride, both for today as in yesteryear.