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Produced from the selected pomace of our Nebbiolo grapes used to make Barolo Marcenasco.


The pomace is distilled by the “Ancient Distillery Domenico Sibona,” with alembics in discontinuous double boilers, allowing for a limited quantity of Barolo grappa at 43°.

The label bears the coat of arms of the local noble family, with a black hawk against a gilt backdrop. The Latin inscription “Probasti me et cogniusti me” means “You tried me, you knew me.”

The Albeisa – from the name of the city of Alba – it is the iconic bottle created by Renato Ratti in 1973, desired as a way of identifying the uniqueness of a territory and its wines.

A smooth, well-rounded and velvety product. To be offered at a temperature of 10°/12°.